Today, After watching InTheLittleWood´s video about moving to the yogtowers. I decided to google it. It turns out to be a floor of a office building. Where, At the time of the video. Sips, Sjin, Duncan, Captainsparklez, Simon & Lewis had rooms. This made me think of the other large youtube media moguls. Under which i dont mean Machinima or GameStation. I mean the Creatures .LLC. With their large house with a pool. Now a Bouncy castle. Large screen TV´s, Ping Pong tables. Huge kitchen. Rooms for all of them. The huge garage. It mostly resembles me of a clubhouse. In comparison it seems as, The creatures are just a group of friends in their super epic club house. Doing everything cool possible. While the YogTowers & Yogscast. Seems to be a serious group of guys. Making youtube videos. On a schedule. In a office building. 


Location: Unknown, Bristol
Members: Sips, Sjin, Duncan, CaptainSparklez (Unsure), Hannah, Lewis, Simon, Martin

The Creature House

1/9/2012 23:26:02

its not captain sparkles its sparklez

25/12/2012 11:55:21

It is not CaptainSparklez. It is Sparkles. Two different people. Please edit this. CaptainSparklez does not work with the Yogscast.He's not even in the UK. It's common sense.

Trenton Wheeler
8/1/2013 09:22:28

Captainsparklez lives in california and sparkle5 lives in bristol get it right man

12/8/2013 12:20:12

The Geo Coords of yogtowers is 51.45, -2.5833. I did this by re routing an ip address leaked from a stream: then using a web service to trace the coords from the IP address.


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